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  ACP-3.0 has been released on June 15. 2017.
NSIM-1.0, NSIM-ACE-1.0 has been released on September 19. 2017.

  ACE (Advanced Communication for Exa) Project:
  This project is funded as part of a five-year program for "Development of System Software Technologies for post-Peta Scale High Performance Computing" of CREST by JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency).

The goals of this project are:
  Establish technologies for building communication libraries that are capable of handling hundreds of millions of processes on upcomming Exa-scale computer systems.
  Investigate methods for enabling scalable application by using facilities of this library.

Major research topics include:
  Runtime Optimization Technologies for Communication Library
  Protocols for Memory Saved Communication
  Packet Controlling Methods for Network Efficiency
  Collaborative Optimization Methods of Computation and Communication for Higher Performance Efficiency of applications

Currently, the following organizations are participating in this project:
  Kyushu University
  Fujitsu Ltd.
  Institute of Systems, Information Technologies and Nanotechnologies
  Kyoto University